Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NEC MobilePro P300

Over the weekend I decided to wipe the dust off some of my old gadgets and have a bit of play around.

I found my trusty old PDA that I purchased at a sale around 10 years ago. I purchased it because I thought it might come in handy at the time as I had numerous meetings a day to take notes at and need help to stay on top of things.

NEC MobilePro P300

So what is the NEC MobilePro P300? It is essentially a Windows PDA running OS Pocket PC 2002. It has a 206Mhz Strong ARM processor, with 32MB of RAM and 32 ROM. The PDA has a 3.8" screen with 64k colours and a resolution of 320x240. Back in 2002 when I purchased it was targeted towards business people who needed a mobile way to work as well as being people who were always on the go.

Looking at the specifications now, I can’t think of too much that I could reality do with it considering what dual core smartphones and tablets can do these days. However, back in the day it was a pretty handy tool to have and after all these years I’m keen to do what I can to bring it back to life and put it to good use.

With smartphones and tablets being powerful devices that allow multitasking and helps process all different types of difficult functions on a daily basis. It  is something that most of us heavily rely on. ( I being one who can’t leave home without my BlackBerry)

On the flip-slide, multifunctional devices can often lead us to not focus on one particular task and course us to be distracted from a task at hand.

This is why with my recent project involving blogging on this site for example as well as writing articles for other web sites, that I believe the old, but faithful NEC MobilePro P300 will be an invaluable tool to write my initial articles.

After charging it up I was pleasantly surprised that it was still able to hold a significant amount of battery charge. It ha

If out in public using my PDA I’m sure I will receive some funny glances due to the old technology I’m using but little do they know how powerful a device it is when put to good use.

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