Saturday, April 28, 2012

PMP HDD Player

Thinking outside the square and instead of getting a new iPod I thought I would look for something a little different. What I was looking for was a personal media player where I had a choice of my own hard drive size, instead of being restricted to a the general build in hard wired MP4 / MP3 players that wouldn't break the budget.

What I ended up getting was a PMP HDD Player that had;
  • audio and video output,
  • microphone / karaoke input,
  • mini USB,
  • monitor output,
  • both AC power 
  • battery inputs
  • SD card reader 
  • ability to copy the files back and forth without having to get it up to a computer or TV.

After physically installing the 250GB IDE Hard Drive which was relatively simple, I created a 30GB FAT32 partition, then created a further partition for left over HD space. Once this was done I copying over my media files. Both music and videos. This was done with relative easy using the usual click and drag method. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast it was to copy the files across. The next step was to setup the video interface.

This was also pretty simple, but I did find that I had a few problems with the unit freezing. I found out that was because I had copied some m4a files across by accident which the unit couldn't handle. After taking these files off the unit it worked seemlessly.

Overall it was pretty happy with the unit. It didn't quite accomplish what I was after but it is a good toy all the same.

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